Mock Exams

The Mock is over and graded. I am exhausted but oh so proud of my calculus babies. 

Today, 120 AP Calculus AB and BC kids came to school at 8 AM on their day off to take a Mock Exam. Every kid made it. No one slept through an alarm. I don’t think anyone was even late. (If only we could get this kind of attendance year-round…)

Once you factor in directions and breaks, the test takes four hours to complete. A four-hour math test. Let that sink in. One four-hour test determines whether or not my kids get college credit after an entire year of studying and preparing. 

After the test, Brett always grills hotdogs for everyone as they pile into our backyard and living room. 

Brett took not one but two days off in preparation of hosting sixty teenagers. 

He mowed our lawn, beautified our landscaping, cleaned the bathrooms, vacuumed, rearranged our furniture, bought food, made cookies, and grilled hotdogs. He then served the kids long before I ever made it back to our home. 

Then he stood by my side as kids filed out and thanked me for lunch. Like I had anything to do with this. 

Once Jonas was down for the night and I was done grading all the questions, Brett spent another hour with me getting scores tallied and imported to Excel so I could analyze trends from the last few years. 

He doesn’t get any of the recognition. And he seems a-ok with that. 

Yes. I definitely married up. 

Thanks for this life, Berto. I wouldn’t want to do life with anyone else.  ❤❤

This is when I start to panic that no one is going to show up and I’m going to be forced to eat hotdogs until Christmas…

Brett’s famous “Strive for a 5” cookies:


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