Sixteen days 

Today we used our two-hour block to go over the Mock AP Calculus Exam the kids took this past weekend. I like doing this, but it also makes me nervous because I know some kids are going to be disappointed with their score. Also, I know I’m going to hear, “WHEN DID WE GO OVER THIS?!”

Only all year, honey. 

But, to my delight, it went pretty well. While both my fears were legitimate, my kids seemed fired up to do even better as opposed to discouraged. I told the kids we have sixteen school days left before the exam, and one kid said, “We gotta get to work!” A comment that I should have paid her to say, let’s be real. It led perfectly into my next point which was that I would do everything I could to help them pass, but that they would have to take ownership for their own learning. 

I decided to offer up my lunches for the next sixteen days for the kids who were willing to do some extra practice problems. I have a class set of study books and I told the kids that if they loaned one out, I would text them no more than ten problems to do the night before and then we’ll discuss them at lunch the next day. My goal in the few weeks between the mock and the exam is always to focus on the kids who didn’t pass the mock.  But with thirty-six kids vying for my attention, that doesn’t always become reality. I’m hoping these lunch study sessions will help me reach this goal. I had several students check out books today, but not too many, so I’m hoping we will have some good study sessions. I shall keep you posted, dear faithful two readers. It may be a success.  I may end up having lunch by myself for sixteen days. Which wouldn’t be the end of the world. 


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