The best thing about today was that it was the last day of block scheduling!!! Block always throws a major kink in my AP test preparation because I’d say at least half my calc kids also take concurrent classes on campus, which do not follow our block schedule. So, I have students come in and out of class on days that (I feel) are pretty crucial to their success on the AP Exam. AND IT’S OVER! I’LL SEE ALL MY KIDS EVERY DAY DURING THEIR REGULARLY SCHEDULED PROGRAMMING! We can really get down to business now and all help each other every day. I’m seriously so relieved. 


A mother of two students I’ve had (one former, one current) emailed today and asked if she could take me to lunch over the summer, just so she could meet me. Her daughter is currently pursuing a degree in secondary mathematics education, and–unlike many parents in this state–this momma wholeheartedly supports her baby girl in this career. It’s families like this that make our community so amazing. Families who have daughters that score a 5 on the AP Calculus Exam, who turn around and say, “I want to teach, even if I live in a state that won’t support me.” Families who wrap their arms around their daughters and their daughters’ teachers and say, “We are and always will be on your side. And even when our legislators turn their backs on you, we’ll take you to lunch and tell you how the battles you fight are worth fighting.”

I thank God for this district and all public school districts in this state who continue to serve families, love students, and fight for  quality education for every child despite legislators who can’t get their **** together. 


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