I’ve seen each of my calc classes twice since their mock exam, and they. Are. Killing. It. They did pretty well on the mock, but I’ve told them I expect them to raise their score by at least a point. Not sure why, to be honest, but they seem to be taking that challenge head-on. 

Today, one of my kids asked me if they could take a quiz on recognizing when to use what theorems. (If any calc teachers have such a thing, can you send it my way?)  You would think it was just an isolated question, but everyone around her said, “Oh yeah! That’s such a good idea!”

Please, everyone, look at my kids! They are asking for quizzes on soecific objectives. Is your heart swooning? My heart is swooning. 

Ready for more?

One of my kids made his own color-coded flashcards. He legitimately condensed the course into twenty-nine cards. I’m seriously thinking of having the kids do this instead of their flip book this year. Look at how cute they are:

Seriously, I can’t get over these kids. 

Also, our lunch study sessions are going well. Kids did all their optional homework and came with great questions. We have expanded into a before-school session also for the kids who are unable to make it to the lunch session. 

We’re a determined, stubborn bunch. 


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