Sheryl Sandberg

On my way to pick up my son after work today, “All Things Considered” was on NPR, with Ari Shapiro interviewing Sheryl Sandberg. 

Sandberg, Facebook senior executive and author of Lean In, lost her husband to heart failure two years ago. She was on air, describing her new book about resilience, and I was a captive audience. 

At the end of her interview, she said:

One of the suggestions Adam [therapist] made to me is write down three moments of joy before you go to bed. And it’s the New Year’s resolution I’ve kept by far the longest. … The thing about happiness is I think sometimes we’re waiting for the big stuff to be happy. … But happiness isn’t always the big things. Happiness is actually the little things, the little moments that make up our day. And in the face of Dave’s death, the big thing was not getting better, and it’s still not better. So if I wait for that to get better to feel any happiness I’m never gonna feel it.

Full article here

I think if someone who has lost her partner and best friend has that advice for us, we’d better listen to her. 

So my little things today:

  • My baby came up to me and gave me a hug (without any coaxing)
  • My coffee, which Jonas loves to help make, tasted great this morning 
  • My calculus kids seem to be back on track and re-focused now that prom has come and gone
  • Kids are still coming to my morning and lunch study sessions and told me today they’re really helping 
  • I taught my calc kids the difference between every day and everyday today. You could have heard a pin drop. They’ve never been so captivated by my explanations of calculus all year, but grammar is where it’s at, apparently.
  • I got another day to be Brett’s wife, Jonas’s mom, and 140 or so Redskins’ teacher. For these three roles, I am grateful beyond any description words could provide.  

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