I gave my kids an old secure MC portion of an AP Exam and posted the answers around the room. I told them to work five problems (that they felt confident on) and then check those problems with my key; repeat. 

When I called time for my first hour, some kids asked if they could check the answers they had left. 

Melt my heart. Why, yes, feel free to do more math. 

During our lunch study session, some students asked if we could go over the exam they had taken earlier in the day instead of the problems I sent the day before. The rest of their peers were in agreement so I told them all to pick one problem and one back up problem to be ready to ask me. We got through every person except two. The students asked if we could do this again tomorrow. 

Again: yes, children, we can do as much math as you’d like. 

It’s the best when they take ownership of their own learning.


I got such a sweet card from a student today for teacher appreciation. It was the kind of card that makes you think “I hope I can raise a kid that’s as kind and encouraging as this young man.” My favorite line was: “I love how you walk around the room every day to check on all your students.” And then in his PS he said, “Did you notice my use of ‘every day’?” (Because I told them how to tell the difference between every day and everyday the other day. 😉 ) Oh lordy, I laughed out loud. 

Kids, man. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be the first to tell you that they can sure push our buttons. But they are also life-givers in a way I don’t see in as many adults…and–in that regard–I want to be more like them when I grow up. 


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