Today was a hard day physically. I think my body finally said, “Enough,” and gave out a bit. I stooped to a new low and asked students to leave my room during plan; I turned off the lights; locked my door; made a bed of blankets on the ground in a corner where I felt any passersby would not see me; and attempted to take a nap with my beloved heating pad. I didn’t get any actual sleep, but the quiet rest was still nice. 

When I got to school today, I was telling my co-teacher that I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it. Brett was unhappy with me for coming to work. I rushed out the door, saying it was too late to get a sub anyway. Plus–AP Exam on Tuesday. I can’t leave my babies now!

Anyway, as I was talking with my co-teacher, a student came in to bring me breakfast she had bought for me. What! It could not have come on a better day. Let me tell you, a McDonald’s breakfast burrito has never tasted so good. 

I’m still tired and sick. I have a sub for tomorrow so I may or may not go to school. But these kids are my life. Even though I work in a state that underfunds and undervalues my profession, I still feel like my kids and I get each other. They bring me breakfast burritos for crying out loud. 

They are not my job. They are my joy.  

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