Exam Day

We are done!!!

The AP Exam is over, and I can attempt to get some rest without the aid of melatonin from now until the week before school starts next year. 

My kids were not happy coming out of their FRQs, which did break my heart. However, a quick Twitter search for #apcalc convinced me that basically the whole nation felt the same way, so–there’s that. 

But I hope they don’t let those six questions cloud the fact that they worked and pushed  and grew and accomplished. 

They learned to look at failure as opportunity; not as a label. 

They learned that they may not always have the answer, but if they lean on each other, someone in the room can help. 

They learned how to question, how to reason, how to justify. 

They learned how to use mathematics to describe rates of change and accumulation. 

They learned the value of long-term planning and studying. 

And hopefully they learned that a 5’1″  curly head will always believe in them, respect them, and hope the best for them. 

I’m so very, very proud of my Redskins and all that they’ve learned this year. 

Oh, they places they’ll go…


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