Today was another relaxed day. I teach mostly seniors, and all but two of them were gone today. Just me and my juniors! The two girls in first hour brought me coffee and we just sat and talked. (I must be more intentional about creating moments like this next year. Still haven’t heard any ideas from y’all.) And in fifth hour we played Jenga and Ghost Blitz and laughed and didn’t worry about calculus for a single moment. It was glorious. 

People who teach high school know the typical look you get when you tell someone what you do for a living: it’s a look of horror and amazement and disgust and appreciation. But we always something like, “I genuinely love teenagers,” right? And we’re not lying (most days). 

But what I genuinely love about students this age are things like their humor and their stories and their vulnerability. And you don’t get to see a lot of that if you just do calculus all day long. 

What I’m saying is–the things I love most about my kids are not the things I intentionally draw out of them a lot of the time. 

And that’s really not ok. 

It needs to change. 

I need to take time to just relax with my kids every now and then. Maybe I can’t get to all 140 of them.  But I can do better than what I’m doing now. 

Hold me accountable. Next year’s going to be even better. 💃🏻


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