The tiny ones 

We had our monthly math club meeting today after school, like we have done every month for years. And, just like every other month, I forgot about it. A kid came in and reminded me. I was honestly a little disappointed. I just wanted to go home and start my weekend. 

I made it to my co-sponsor’s room. We noticed we must have invited the kids from the 9th Grade Center to see if they’d want to join. They were the actual cutest. I forget teenagers can be as small as me!

My co-sponsor had an obligation at 4:00, so she asked me to take the kids to my room for the activity part of the meeting. 

Again, slightly disappointed. But the very small teenagers were intriguing to me, so I agreed. 

Most of our upper classmen left after the announcements, so I was left with these tiny teenagers and one normal teenager. 

We played Switch (a counting game). They mostly liked it, I think. 

“Mrs. Peterson–let’s teach then Ghost Blitz!”

So we got out Ghost Blitz and they. Went. Crazy. 

They loved it. 

“Can we play again?!”

“I have to get my room ready for next week, but how about you all play together.”

Much laughter and screaming ensued. 

Oh to fill your classroom with pure joy like that. Joy from the tiny teenagers. 

I loved it so. 


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