I’m still not feeling well, much to my dismay. I have this nasty cough I can’t seem to get rid of. Speaking has become nearly impossible, which makes teaching difficult to say the least. The good news is my doc sent in some strong medication for tonight, so I’m hoping to get my first full night’s sleep in a week and a half. Also, I’m taking another sick day tomorrow to attempt a full recovery. As one of my kids said, “It looks like you could use a day off, Mrs. Peterson.”

Oh these kids. They’re so caring. All day they asked how I was doing. 

“You’re STILL sick?! Can I do anything for you??”

I think my heart actually broke when one of my kids who is on the spectrum (and hence tends to be unaware of others’ feelings) said, “Are you doing ok?” He still didn’t say my name (never has). But his voice softened just so. A softening I’d never heard before. A softening that made it clear he was completely aware of how I was feeling and wanted to respond. It was a very big deal to me…a beautiful gift. 


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