The best worst day

Today is one of the hardest days of the year. It was the last regular day of classes, meaning it was the last time I’ll see many of my calculus kids. 

I mostly held it together today, but if previous years are any indication, the next few nights will be met with tear-soaked pillow cases as my waterproof mascara betrays its label. 

As I told my kids today: this is the absolute worst part of the job–saying goodbye. 

The nice thing about teaching seniors is that they understand the gravity of this moment. 

The challenging thing about teaching seniors is that they understand the gravity of this moment. 

To make sure that I would see them all one last time and hug their necks and tell them what amazing things they’re going to do, I required them to present their final project today, Serve+Create. They are asked (1) to serve someone or a group of people and (2) to create something. And then share it with us in a show-and-tell fashion. 

Some served in big ways, some in small. 

Some served individually, some served together. 

They baked cookies for neighbors; they wrote encouraging notes on cars; they taught siblings to dive; they volunteered at elementary schools and hospitals; they served firefighters; they fed homeless; they baked the class gluten free brownies and lemon-blackberry cake; they did yard work and house work; they wrote thank you notes; they bought teachers gifts. 

As for their creative works, they wrote music; they played music; they painted; they molded; they wrote poems; they took pictures; they made videos; they crafted…here are just a few examples:

(That’s all their thumbprints and names 😭)

And so while today is the worst day; it’s also one of my favorite days. Because I remember my beautiful kids and how they served and how they created. And I hope that when they look back on their time in our classroom, they feel they were always met with service and creativity. 


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