I am swamped by grading at school. My to-do list for tomorrow realistically needs a week to attend to. And the piles and lists seem to just multiply.

But when I sit back and really evaluate this year, I am ok with those piles.

In a very weird way, I’m even happy for those piles.

Because those piles represent the fact that there are much more important things than homework grades to attend to. The reason the piles keep growing is because students need something more from me than checking their corrections. Because they’re saying, “Do you have a moment?” Or “When would be a good time to talk?”

My God, that’s worth stopping everything for. That’s worth piles that reach from floor to ceiling, as far as I’m concerned.

And so I decide, I’ll get to the grading tomorrow. Because I didn’t go into this job to check papers for completion. I went into it for the times my kids really need me. For when they need someone to listen, someone to say, “Me, too,” someone to whisper their worth when they’re too scared to believe it themselves.

So, teacher friends, I’m freeing you to look at those piles and to-do lists with joy. To recognize that they represent that you are doing big, beautiful work that cannot be checked off. I want you to say, “I’ll get to you when I get to you.” Because I’m willing to bet the reason those stacks even exist in the first place is because you’re tending to much more important, much more eternal work.

Grace and peace always.

You got this.

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