Precalc Projects, Take 1

My precalc team tried something new this year. In the past, we’ve done a version a Sam Shah’s amazing Explore Math project. This year, I wanted to take that same idea but have it be one larger paper and presentation versus a handful of small ones. The downside is the kids don’t get to dive into multiple branches of mathematics. The upside (if done well) is that maybe the kids will dive a bit deeper.

So today we started presentations. I was slightly nervous because—well, sophomores.

But WOW did the majority of them rise to the occasion. And we still have half to go tomorrow.

We had amazing lessons on the mathematical analysis of Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” and the distribution of prime numbers and the paradox of dividing by zero and the Butterfly Effect. And then these:

Elliptical geometry
Mathematics in art: an original piece depicting the Fibonacci spiral
Tessellations and the work of M. C. Escher
Using the SIR model to simulate the spread of the PRECALCUVIRUS!
The graphs that modeled the simulation
I died 😦 But at least I got to look at pretty lettering first

I hope tomorrow’s presentations will be just as good!

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