Vision Board Meeting

It’s been a long time since I’ve used this blog. I’ve written over 300 posts on it, but you know… life… pandemic… But when I was at the Park City Math Institute this summer, I gave a short 10 minute talk about how when times were hard when I was teaching, I used this blog as a way for me to look out for the good each day. And it really helped me — on the hardest days — keep an eye out for what I could share that made me happy, that reminded me of the joyful moments when teaching. And after the past few years, I decided I’d like to come back to blogging here to remind me of the small moments.

So even though I’m not back in the classroom yet (I have a bit of summer to go!), I met with some people from PCMI who were creating vision boards for what they wanted to focus on and keep central in their minds for this school year, for their classrooms, for their actions.

And just talking with everyone was joyful. Reconnecting, laughing, but also deeply listening and supporting each other as we were trying to think about the year ahead.

So my good thing for me today as a teacher was meeting with other teachers who share similar values, who I hope will become life-long teacher friends.

If you’re wondering, here’s what my vision board looks like at the moment. Most of the images are part of me reminding myself of things I did when I was happiest as a teacher. And so it’s a reminder to prioritize those next year.

The last few years for me have been about survival mode. And recently, I was feeling guilty that I wasn’t planning on pushing forward in terms of pedagogy or taking on huge projects this year (as I have done in the past). But I realized I wasn’t ready for that yet. That deep inner joy that I used to have is the thing that allowed me to take on big projects or make big classroom shifts. So this year, I’m focusing not on survival, but on revival. Bringing back the things that bring me that inner joy when I’m teaching. And then, maybe, sometime in some future year, I’ll be back to thriving.


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