Math Club Leaders

I was just eating lunch at my desk today, when three students (who I know) came up to talk with another math teacher and me about starting up Math Club for this year. We went to a room and discussed it, and their enthusiasm was beyond anything I imagined! I had stepped away for the past few years from being a faculty advisor to Math Club because I wanted to give others a chance to do it… and last year we lost one of the advisors so I’m stepping up again. And I’m thrilled! Their excitement about math club this year was SO INFECTIOUS! I can’t wait to see what unfolds.

Also, on my Vision Board for the year, I wanted to make it a routine to write a “shoutout” postcard about a kid, and mail it to their caregivers once a week. And so I started that today, spending one of my free periods writing a postcard out for one student from each class.

UPDATE: I was just having a planning meeting with a colleague outside, and a couple kids in my Adv. Precalculus class came up to me to talk about the hypercube homework I gave them (trying to figure out how many vertices, edges, faces, etc. make up the hypercube). And it was just lovely to be outside talking math with kids who were trying to think deeply about something so abstract, even if only for like two minutes.


2 thoughts on “Math Club Leaders

    • Definitely!!! I have very old ones made from one of those websites that always has sales and can do printing of things like cards, postcards, business cards, etc. So my postcards even have my name on it! And they’re small enough (once you write the address down) that you don’t have to write more than a couple lines!

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