How Twitter and blogs helped @cheesemonkeysf get her groove back on a tired Saturday night

Got help and feedback on a lesson idea from two fabulous #TMC math tweeps (mad thanks to @maxmathforum and @jrykse
Had a hilarious #toddlerplease “playing nap” and grading conversation with @park_star
Had an equally hilarious and satisfying #cannotevenchat with @k8nowak and @graceachen (based on the BuzzFeed dogs who JUST CANNOT EVEN)
Discovered that @delta_dc and @literacygurl are actually married IRL!  #facepalm #twitterplease
Gave a reference to @zidaya on some Noticing and Wondering ideas I got at #TMC12 from @maxmathforum
Started following @HonestToddler because I realized I JUST CANNOT EVEN live without tweets like, “‘Stop eating out of the trash.’ LET ME MAKE MY OWN MISTAKES”
Subscribed to and downloaded @Mythagon’s new Infinite Tangents podcast to listen to in the car
Finally made sense of @Mythagon’s new hashtag for the Infinite Tangents podcast:    #8tangents
Finally read @samjshah’s Algebra Boot Camp post #imthatlame
Found the energy and the will to put my wet laundry into the dryer
Played Squeakyball with the doodle (TOPPER!)
Finished baking the chocolate crinkle cookies
Remembered that tomorrow is a brand new day!