Three good things 

Our door is done! Every kid in fourth hour cut out an eagle head and then a few of the girls turned it into THIS:

Each eagle has a fact about the school on it (anything from the admissions rate to traditions like if you walk around the pond three times with your significant other it means you’re getting married). Love it. Love them. 


I found out today that I got a grant I applied for! I get to go buy two new bookshelves and a ton of games. It’s mostly for my Intermediate kids during our Friday Fundays for the kids who are caught up. All the games involve logic and reasoning. But it also gives them a chance just to be kids. So many of them have a tremendous amount of familial responsibilities. It’s important that they get a chance to play games like all kids should. 


I found out this week that one of my stidents has a less-than-supportive home life. Today, I witnessed his friends cheer him on as he worked a problem in front of the class. It wasn’t the normal kind of cheering. It was extra sweet and gentle. 

And I thought–Yes. This. This is why I love and believe in my school. Because kids see when other people need family. And they step up to the plate and do their best to fill those voids that require love, appreciation, acceptance, and celebration. 


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