Finals are done!

Happy last day of school!

The last final I gave today was calculus. In addition to counting as their final exam grade, I also let their final replace their lowest test grade, so a handful of kids actually had the opportunity to jump up a letter grade–and they were determined to do so. Several kids worked so hard on this final: some spent the full two hours on twenty-five questions. 

The test was multiple choice so I graded them quickly and got the kids’ final scores in before the bell rang.  When everyone was done, I told them they could check their grades online. The room was soon filled with excited chatter. Every single kid who had the opportunity to bump up a letter grade did. And no one ended with a D or an F! 

I’m sure part of the excitement was due to the fact that they were finally done with first semester. But I know part of it was that they felt accomplished and proud of themselves…because I heard them say so. 

It’s the best feeling getting to witness these successes and knowing that you were a small part of them. 

We’ll be back for more in January! Until then, let’s sleep and eat. 


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